Thursday, August 13, 2015

Body Waxing in Midtown NYC

Are you wincing at the thought of body waxing in Midtown NYC? We understand - the painful stigma that comes along with body waxing can keep you at bay - or worse - using a disposable razor. Our trained staff is ready to make your skin smooth with a rich glow, and we provide careful service that aims to make body waxing treatment as painless as possible for you. While we can't guarantee a pain-free session, we can absolutely give you some tips that can improve your experience with body waxing in Midtown NYC.

  • As mentioned above, stop shaving! Ok, ok, if you need to, we get it, but a constant shave will make your body hair stronger, making it tougher to remove when you come in for your appointment. If it's possible, try to stop shaving for a few weeks (a few weeks?! Yes!) prior to your body waxing - this way your hair will have less of a hold in your skin, and we can more effectively remove hair follicles.

  • A relaxing, warm bath before your body waxing in Midtown NYC will open up those pesky pores, making it much easier to remove, and less painless! While your in the tub, try exfoliating your skin with a body scrub. Our body waxing methods exfoliate for you, but dead skin during waxing creates another layer to penetrate and remove during your session, adding to the "ouch!" factor.

  • This one's big, and during summer we know how hard it is to accomplish - but try not to stay in the sun too long before body waxing in Midtown NYC. If you have tanned within the last 48 hours or so, your skin is very sensitive and can be "lifted" during a body waxing. And trust us, you won't like that. If you're sunburned - even worse! Imagine the pain of scorched skin while receiving a body wax. No thanks.

While we provide body waxing in Midtown NYC, we can also give your appearance an even fresher, lively look with our facial skin care services in Midtown NYC. After a day at Rio Brazil, you'll leave feeling brand new, smooth, and ready to receive those compliments!

For more information on body waxing in Midtown NYC or other services we provide, please contact us at (212) 202-0993.

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